Monday, February 27, 2017

Insight provided by Camille Debandt, Business Liaison Associate, Valesta Belgium

Who says you have to settle down in a job when you reach your fifties and count down the days until your retirement? Our new Valesta recruits prove you can kick start a brand new career challenge at any age.
Both Marc (60) and Dirk (55) joined the Valesta family in 2016. After enduring an intense application procedure with one of our clients, six interviews over the space of two weeks, all parties were enthusiastic and the contracts were signed.

Even though they both had a great deal of experience they could rely on, Marc and Dirk had to undergo months of intensive training to obtain their certificate of ‘Clinical Trainer’. Today, they travel all over Europe, teaching doctors and specialists how to use a specific denervation system. The job is stressful but thrilling; the travelling is tiring but exciting.

"The story of Marc and Dirk shows us that you shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk. A new job can bring difficulties, at any stage in life, but with the right drive and motivation it can be the challenge you needed!"