Monday, March 6, 2017

Insight provided by Isabelle Lux, Business Liaison Associate, Valesta Belgium

Over the years, Valesta’s core business has been to offer careers to young enthusiastic graduates.  However, nowadays our focus, expertise and knowledge have also shifted in the direction of experienced employees.
Highly focused training; involvement in coaching junior colleagues; tailor made career paths and continuous growth is something our senior consultants appreciate at Valesta.

We are really proud of our rising seniority levels and take great joy in the long-term relationships we can therefore build. Sometimes however, this also means saying goodbye to a long term colleague…

Today, we take the opportunity to share our best wishes with Frieda, who has been a much appreciated employee of our company for about 15 years now. Frieda is 72 and still an example of energy, drive and commitment.  She will retire this summer, which is well-deserved.

Frieda joined Valesta (still named Health Care Interim at that time) in April 2002 as our first “ On-site Research Associate (ORA)”.... 

Since her first assignment in 2002, Frieda has worked on several projects to great satisfaction. 
She has always given her work 150% and performs at the highest standard with a great eye for detail and is praised for her good contacts with investigators, site staff and patients.  

Frieda, from all of us here at Valesta, we would like to say a big thank you for all of the  years you have given us; for a great job done; for the nice talks we have had and for being such a good Valesta ambassador!
We wish you all the best for the future, enjoy your time with your family and friends; doing the things you love to do; the goods things of life; spending time with loved ones; traveling, wining and dining…
Enjoy, and a big thank you from all of us!


"Frieda proves it every day! Don’t let your enthusiasm be curbed by your age! You don’t need to retire at age 60.  There are still so many career opportunities ahead!"