Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pediatric trials, a sensitive topic. Something many of us in the industry wanted to learn more about. Valesta took this opportunity to invite an expert in the field of specialized pediatric trials: Prof. Jutte Van der Werff Ten Bosch of UZ Brussels and member of the Belgian Pediatric Clinical Research Network (BPCRN).

Prof Jutte Van der Werff Ten Bosch (UZ Brussels), is pediatric hematologist, oncologist and immunologist at UZ Brussels. She is a member of the Belgian Pediatric Clinical Research Network which supports drug research in children in our country. In 2011 Prof. Van der Werff Ten Bosch also became member of the Ethical Committee of the University Hospital of Brussels.

Prof. Jutte Van der Werff Ten Bosch (UZ Brussels) presented the Valesta Connect March edition and elaborated on her expertise on pediatric trials, regulations and ethics. An innovative and useful topic for many and a presentation highly appreciated by all attendees.  We enjoyed an interesting, interactive evening, casual setting,  food and drinks present. Really the Valesta way!

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